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Confederation was achieved as a result of long discussion and debate. Ultimately it was compromise that created the Confederation. That confederation has lasted almost 250 years.

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Q: How was confederation finally achieved?
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The Articles of Confederation were finally approved when?


After independence had been achieved what was the new nation governed by?

The Articles of Confederation

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When did the Canadian confederation start?

July 1, 1867. Or now commonly known as Canada day.

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Brian felt elated and accomplished when he finally achieved his goal. He was proud of himself for all the hard work and dedication he put into reaching that milestone.

To what extent was Canadian confederation achieved in 1867 a direct result of an American threat?

dont start nothin dont be nothin

What were the results of the Philippines American War?

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How far from the location of the signing of the articles of confederation was it to where the constitution was finally signed?


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What type of government did Germany have from 1815 to 1866?

The was the period of the German Confederation, which succeeded the Napoleonic confederation in 1815 and included states which had been part of the Holy Roman Empire of Germany. The Confederation was ruled by Austria from 1848 to 1866, when the Austro-Prussian War finally dissolved the countries into the North German Confederation (a true German nation) and Austria.

Articles of Confederation used in a sentence?

Most often appearing in political and historical contexts, the term "Articles of Confederation" may be used diversely in contemporary English. One example-sentence would be as follows: "The delegates agreed as one that the recently written Articles of Confederation were theoretically sound; however, no such unanimity was achieved as to how practically effective they would be."

Did Upper Canada achieve responsible government?

"Representative" government was achieved in Upper Canada in 1791, but not "responsible" government. Upper Canada never did achieve responsible government.By the Act of Union, 1840, Upper Canada and Lower Canada were united into the pre-Confederation Province of Canada, effective February 11, 1841. Responsible government was achieved by Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in 1848, and by the pre-Confederation Province of Canada in 1849.