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Because of the Boston Tea Party, where the local people of Boston stood up for there rights, to stop the British raising there taxes, this all started a chain reaction, which as you can see led to Britain's downfall....If the outcome had changed..Britain would probably still have a firm hand on America and possibly the world! Hope I have helped!

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Q: In 1763 did Great Britain lose control of North America?
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In what year did Great Britain take control of most of eastern north America?

A treaty signed in 1763 gave Great Britain control of most eastern North America

What was the war between France and great Britain about?

France and Britain fought for control of the eastern part of north America.

Is Great Britain in America?

The correct term is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. No. Great Britain is not in either the United States or North America.

The king of wanted to control the new land in north America- he wanted to have more power?

King George III of Great Britain.

What Countries controlled North America in 1783?

russia, spain, and britain shared control of north america after 1763

What was the result of the Treaty of Paris signed by Great Britain and France?

Great Britain expanded its terrirtories in North America.

Can you tell me What country controls the colonies in North America?

Great Britain

Why did Britain and France want to control British North America?

Britain and France had been at war with one another for decades, off and on for centuries. Supremacy in Europe was their larger issue. Canada just happened to be a relatively minor battleground in their ongoing struggle.

When did George Washington do the sneak attack on Great Britain?

The Revolutionary War was fought only in North America; there was no invasion of Great Britain.

In the eighteenth century Britain colonies in North America were most similar to great Britain in their?

Sarcasm and accent.

Why did great Britain establish colonies in north America in the 1800s?

Religious freedom

What power claimed the northwest territory in north America in 1754?

Great Britain