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yes but it was dangerous it was better to drink ale

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Q: In the Tudor times did they have water to drink?
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What would the Tudor explorers drink apart from bear and sea water?

It is beer and it wasn't beer but ale and NO ONE can drink sea water so they didn't drink that. They would bring rum and water.

What did the sailors drink in Tudor times?

Shakespeare talks about people drinking mead. It was an alcoholic drink made from honey and water which was fermented with yeast. I'm sure the most common drink was water though. Actually I thought water was very dangerous at those times, so it was only drunk if desperate. True with the mead though! Thanks!

What did Henry the 8th hate eating?

Henry VII hated to eat fruit and any thing that came from a plant. Also he despised Tudor water and only had one drink of water in his life! Fortunately for him, even though its very un-heathy not to drink water, he survived many deceases from not drinking Tudor water, for the water they drank was all from the sewers.

Who is the Abraham man in Tudor times?

The "Abraham man" was a tudor beggar,back in the tudor times.

What was the name of a Tudor newspaper?


How were letters sealed at Tudor times?

Letters at Tudor times were sealed with wax

Did Tudor children drink wine?

yes they did

Were there trains in the Tudor times?

There were no trains in the Tudor times. They had only first come out in 1872

Why did Tudor sailors drink urine?

In Tudor times it was a commonly done thing for the barber surgion (doctor for want of a better term) to diagnose illness in a sailor by examining the look, smell and even taste of the patient's urine.

What is a Tudor fishmonger?

It's a Fishmonger who was alive in Tudor times

Who found spices in Tudor times?

Explorers like Rayleigh found spices in Tudor times.

How do Crocodile drink water?

They only have to drink 69 times a year