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I think it's Chemical.

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cant right it right lol

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Q: Is flakes of bricks Mechanical or Chemical Description of location?
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Which type of ceramics are used for making bricks?


What material was used to built san Rafael arcangel?

they used adobe bricks

Where was Westport Paving Brick Company?

Westport Paving & Brick was a Baltimore based manufacturer of bricks. The company was located in the Westport area of south Baltimore, an older industrial east coast city located in the state of Maryland. The company was founded around 1905 by William L. Wise Sr. of Baltimore, Maryland. At one time, Westport Paving & Brick was one of the larger manufcaturers of bricks in the DelMarVa area many of which were used in both the commercial as well as residential sectors. So well regarded were these bricks, known as 'Baltimore Bricks' that many were exported to other municipalities for construction of government buildings, streets, alley ways and sidewalks. Often the bricks were used during shipping as the ballast itself. By the mid 1920s with more automobiles prevalent amongst the middle class, a more refined surface was needed to give drivers a smoother ride and the time of the brick street was at an end. One place of note where the 'Baltimore Bricks' can be found in abundance is at the Ernest Hemingway house located in Key West, Florida. The bricks had initially been shipped via clipper ships to Key West in the 1910s. By the mid 1930s, the city council decided to upgrade their streets with the new easier to drive on concrete formulas so common at that time. Mr. Hemingway purchased the bricks from the city of Key West at the cost of one penny per brick. Hemingway purchased approximately 20,000 of these bricks which he used for the wall surrounding his property and also his walkways. Westport Paving & Brick was still in business during World War II and appears to have disbanded around 1948.

What was the town planning and drainage system of Indus valley civilization?

The drainage system was very well maintained. the drains from the houses joined the street drains. these drains were covered with bricks slabs.l

What are abode houses?

Adobe is the Spanish word for mud brick, a natural building material made from sand, clay, water, and some kind of fibrous or organic material (sticks, straw, and/or manure), usually shaped into bricks using molds and dried in the sun. These bricks were used to make pueblos in New Mexico.Sources:I live in New Mexico where there are many adobe houses.

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How are chemical compounds similar to bricks glass and wood?


Why is firing bricks beneficial to construction?

When bricks are fired it creates a chemical reaction that hardens the molecules and strengthens the brick.

How do you stop bricks from fading away when it fades away by weathering?

is part if chemical weathering

What is the name of chemical for improve compressive strength and fast hardening of hollow bricks?


What is the chemical equation for brick?

The chemical equation for brick is not typically represented as a simple formula, as brick is a complex material made from various substances such as clay, sand, lime, and other ingredients. The primary components of bricks are silicon dioxide (SiO2) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3) found in the clay used to make bricks.

Is bricks physical property or chemical property?

Bricks possess physical properties such as color, shape, size, and density, which can be observed without changing the composition of the material. Chemical properties of bricks would involve their behavior in chemical reactions, which are less relevant since bricks are not typically used in chemical reactions.

What are the disadvantages of fly ash bricks over fire clay bricks?

fly ash brick have light weight over the clay brick... but the mechanical bonding strength is weak but this can be rectified by adding marble waste....this s one of the disadvn

How are LEGO's built?

1 build the bricks -get plastic balls from a chemical prosess -mix the right coulours -melt them in a form with the form of the chosen brick 2 build with them - chose the right bricks -stack'em

Why are blast furnaces lined with fire bricks?

They are lined with fire bricks because of the intense heat and chemical reactions that are present in the blast furnace. The temperature alone would quickly melt the outer metal shell. Different types of bricks are used in the different parts of the furnace depending on the temperature in that part of the furnace, the lowest temperatures being at the top, and the highest temperatures in the bottom in what is known as the bosh and the hearth. Abrasion and mechanical damage can also occur to the bricks, which is why blast funaces need to be shut down after a certain number of years to be relined, or shut down briefly for maintenance which would include adding more cooling in areas where the brick lining is getting too thin.

Does Brick have a definite chemical composition?

Brick is typically made from clay that is fired at high temperatures. The exact chemical composition varies based on the specific type of clay and additives used in production, but common elements found in bricks include silicon, aluminum, and oxygen.

What is the collective noun for bricks?

The collective noun for bricks is a course of bricks.

Where is Voldemort's unlock location in Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4?

There is no location to get Voldemort, you unlock him when you get all 200 gold collect 200 gold bricksYou unlock him by getting all 200 gold bricks. Then playing the bonus level in knockturn alley.