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France, Russia, Serbia, Britain, and later the U.S.

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Q: List the main allied powers for world war 1?
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Was Great Britain with the allied powers?

The main Allied Powers in World War 2 were the US, USSR and the British Empire.

What were the 2 main sides in world war 2?

The Allied Powers and the Central Powers.

What were the three allied powers of World War 2?

The three main Allied powers were USA, British Empire, Soviet Union.

What ar the allied powers?

The five main allied powers in World War 1 were the US, France, England, Italy, and Russia. There were also others that helped fight the Central Powers.

What is the deffinition of allied powers?

the allied powers were the countries that were tossed in the middle of world war one and were asked by the main countries fighting to join the fight and they would hold bargans with the main countries.

Who created the World War 1 treaty?

The Allies Main Allied powers: Allied Powers France British Empire Italy Japan United States

What countries were in the axis and allied powers of World War 2?

The main axis powers at the begining of the war were Italy, Germany, and Japan. The allied powers were Britian, France, Russia, and the US.

Who were 3 main allied powers in World War 2?

USSR Britain US

Who were three main Allied powers in World War 2?

Germany, Italy, and Austria/ Hungary.

Who are the main allied powers during World War 2?

Canada, USA, Britain, France

Who were the main allied powers during ww1?

The main powers of the Triple Entente (the Allied Powers) in World War I were France, Britain and Russia. Italy initially sided with the Triple Alliance (Austro-Hungary, and Germany), but turned away and sided with the Triple Entente.

What are the allies powers in war world 2?

The allies were a group opposing the Axis. The main Allied powers were America, Russia Britain