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An example of the word curious used in this manner is this, "She was curious to the meaning of new words."

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Q: Make a sentence with the word curious which mean inquisitive?
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What the word curious mean?

Inquisitive is a good one-word synonym.

What does inguisitive mean?

"Inquisitive" means eager to learn or curious about something by asking questions and seeking information.

Is the curious plural?

No, "curious" is not a plural form. It is an adjective that describes something inquisitive or eager to know or learn something. The plural form of "curious" would be used when referring to multiple things that are inquisitive or eager to know.

How do you make a sentence with curios in the sentence?

"The antique shop, located in a run-down part of town, was overrun with curios of every imaginable type." This answer assumes you meant CURIOS and did not mean CURIOUS.

What does quidnuncs mean?


A person who asks questions?

If they barley know you then their just trying to get to know you better. If they really don't know you and their just asking a lot about your personal life then that mean you should run because they are a pervert. If they know you and their your friend or something then their annoying.

What does the word curious mean?

"Increasingly strange and interesting" In Lewis Carroll's day the word 'curious' was often used to describe something peculiar and intriguing. Alice uses the word ungrammatically, as she is so startled by recent events that she has forgotten how to use good English. She could have said, "stranger and stranger" or "more and more curious" (but she didn't.)

What does inquisitiveness mean?

* showing curiosity; "if someone saw a man climbing a light post they might get inquisitive"; "raised a speculative eyebrow" * inquiring or appearing to inquire; "an inquiring look"; "the police are proverbially inquisitive" * Eager to acquire knowledge; Too curious; overly interested; nosy * inquisitively - curiously: with curiosity; "the baby looked around curiously" * inquisitively - In an inquisitive manner; curiously * inquisitiveness - The quality of being inquisitive; curiosity * Curious or investigating.

What are some girs names that mean curious?

Merak is a female name that means curious not the prettiest name but it does mean curious.

Can you make a sentence about sitting?

Yes, I can. Can you? Or did you mean, "can one make a sentence about sitting?"

What does kdanni mean?


What does inquistive mean?