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Most Africans who came to America came as slaves.

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Q: Many europeans came to America as?
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Why the Europeans came to America?

they came to America to get wealthy.

Who was the first people thet came to America?

Europeans Europeans

When did the first Europeans arrive in America?

the first Europeans came in 1497

When did europeans came to South America?

for slaves

What sickness came from the Europeans in America?


Since Europeans came to America the general fate of Native Americans?

has been to suffer at the hands of Europeans in America.

When did the sport of soccer come to the US?

From the Europeans when they came to America!

When did the Europeans come over to America?

they came near 1856

Which europeans came to America to engage in the fur trade?

The French were the Europeans that came to America to engage in the fur trade. This was after several people tried to find a Northwest Passage across the United States.

The Europeans that settled Mexico and much of Latin America came from?


Who was the first to explore North America?


Why did europeans come to America in the 1900s?

Europeans came to America because of Poverty. Police abuse, their police were not nice. And because their children had no future. They had no food, they were struggling to survive. They worked for nothing. They came to America for a future. They wanted to become rich (: