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Q: Name another major country whose history includes a period of isolationism?
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Noninvolvement in world affairs is called?

Isolationism is a policy of not being involved in world affairs. This means a country does not bother itself with worrying about the welfare of other countries.

Which country includes the peninsula of Crimea?

The Autonomous Republic of Crimea is a region of the country, Ukraine. Crimea has an extensive history.

What are the cause and effects of isolationism in England?

i have the same question for a "travelogue" project for my history class, what a coincidence...

Was Greece a colony to another country?

No, Greece was not a colony to another country in recent history. However, in ancient history, Greece was subjected to colonization by various ancient powers such as the Persians, Romans, and Ottomans.

What issue did King Louis face in the Revolutionary War?

He was helping Another Country get rid of its king Apex: US History Sem. 1

What was An issue faced by king Louis xvi in the war was?

He was helping Another Country get rid of its king Apex: US History Sem. 1

How do you become a doctor in history?

The process of getting a doctorate in history (actually called a doctorate in philosophy) varies a little from country to country. In the US you normally need: # A BA which includes history as a major. (4 years) # An MA in History. (2 years) # Then a doctorate (3 years)

What was the traditional foreign policy of japan before imperialism?

Prior to its imperialist policy during WW II, Japan had a long history of isolationism.

What ended when japan opened some of its ports to foreign trade?

When Japan opened some if its ports to foreign trade their long history of isolation ended. So basically, their isolation (or Japanese isolationism) is what ended.

How are europeans different from each other?

Every country has a language, history, and culture of it's own. This includes Europe.

Does your debt travel with you from country to country?

No, not in the sense that a person can be legally pursued or have credit denied due to the credit history in another country. However, if the person has had credit problems with a bank that has locations in another country, they can be denied banking privileges at that institution, which may create other problems

What has the author Christopher McKnight Nichols written?

Christopher McKnight Nichols has written: 'Promise and peril' -- subject(s): Isolationism, History, Foreign relations, Geopolitics