The U.S government officially is

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A joke, bankrupt, run by madmen, undemocratic, infested with aliens, away with the fairies,

a figment of everyone's imagination, controlled by Russia,, run by the Freemasons, controlled by the Knights Templar.

Have I missed any crackpot theories.

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Q: The U.S government officially is
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Which branch of government officially serves as commander in chief of the military?

The US President is the Comander in Chief of the US Military

What is the usg policy on negotiations in an unconstrained captivity environment with terrorists involved in a hostage situation?

Officially the US Government will not negotiate with terrorists

What is a government document?

A document officially published by the government of a country, or internal communications of a government.

What type of government officially exists in North Korea?

an independent government

Was the US on the side of Britain and France in WW1?

Yes, although officially neutral the US government covertly supported the Allies from the start . They formally entered the war on the Allied side in 1917.

What conflict divided the US from 1861-1865?

American Civil War (US Civil War): An undeclared war classified officially by the US Government as the "War of the Rebellion" also sometimes known as the "War between the states."

Who officially challenged the alien and sedition acts?

the government.

A place where coins are officially made by the government?

A Mint

What kind of government does China hve now?

Officially, China has a Communist State Government.

When did the Americans officially win independence?

The English Government officially recognized the independence of The United States of America in 1783.

Was the communist manifesto banned by the US Government?

The Communist Manifesto was not officially banned by the US government. However, during the Red Scare in the early 20th century and the Cold War era, there were instances of censorship, persecution, and restrictions on communist literature and activities in the United States.

Who is the government of China?

they are officially communist but they arent actually communist