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golden age of achievements in the arts and sciences

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Advance in Mathmatic and Madicines.

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Q: The gupta empire was best known for its?
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What is Guptas?

The Gupta is an ancient empire. The Indian empire existed from 320 to 550 CE. Maharaja Sri Gupta was the founder of the empire. The Gupta empire was known as a Vaish dynasty.

The gupta dynasty is best known for its?

The gupta dynasty is best known for its

What is the gupta dynasty best known for?

A major poet and epic writer named Kalidasa wrote many fine pieces during the Gupta Empire. See Related Links.

Which Indian empire was known as a golden age?

Its called the Gupta Empire

What was the official religion of the gupta empire?

The official religion of the Gupta Empire was Hinduism. This can be known as the art of sculpture and art of literature.

Which empire was known for prosperity trade literature and especially for its tolerance for Buddhism?

The Maurya Empire

What was the Gupta Empire's religion?

The Gupta Empire practiced Hinduism as its main religion, but it was known for its religious tolerance and also patronized Buddhism and Jainism.

What is the Gupta Empire's real name?

The Gupta Empire's real name is Gupta!

How do you use the word gupta empire in a sentence?

A dynasty of North India, known as the Gupta Empire, whose court was the centre of classical Indian art and literature

Who is known as Nepoleon of India?

king samudragupta of the gupta empire is known as the nepoleon of india

How did the Gupta Empire end?

The Gupta Empire ended when Chandra Gupta II died and waves of invaders moved into India and broken the Gupta Empire into several smaller kingdoms.

What a difference between the Mauryan Empire and the Gupta Empire?

The Mauryan Empire was larger than the Gupta Empire.