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Louis XIV reigned from 1638-1715 for a total of 72 years. He is the longest reigning monarch in European History and in French history he is the longest reigning monarch consequently. The only other French monarch to come close to that length was Lous XIV's great-grandson, Louis XV (60 years).

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Q: Was Louis xiv's reign the longest in french history?
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How is Louis XIV reign remembered?

As the longest reign in European history.

History on Louis XIV of France?

Louis XIV, also known as Louis the Great, had the longest reign of any monarch in European history. He ruled for 72 years and 110 days. He consolidated a system of complete monarchical rule that lasted until the French Revolution.

How long did Louis XIV rule for?

Louis XIV ruled from the year 1643 to the year 1715, the longest reign in European history.

French Revolution-Louis XIV?

No, the French Revolution was during the reign of Louis XVI.

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How was the reign of Louis 14 different from that of Louis 15?

Louis XV was seriously disliked by the French.

Leader who had longest reign?

The longest reign in history was Pepi II of ancient Egypt, who ruled from childhood until his death, 94+ years, over 4,000 years ago.

What was the effect of Louis XIV's reign on the French army?

the french army became the strongest in Europe

What role did Louis XIV have on the French Revolution?

The French Treasury certainly was brought into a defeciet during his reign.

Did King Louis XVI start the French Revoltion?

No, but it happened during his reign.

What problems did France have after the reign of Louis?

your mom go read the history book.