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Q: Was all territories in Africa and the Mediterranean region controlled by European imperial nations by World War 1?
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When was Territories of the Holy Roman Empire outside the Imperial Circles created?

Territories of the Holy Roman Empire outside the Imperial Circles was created in 1500.

What region was controlled almost completely by European imperial powers interested in exploiting its labor and natural resources during the 19th century?

Africa, especially central and southern Africa, was divided among European colonial powers in the late 19th century, and its native peoples conquered or controlled.

How did Christian missionary work sometimes make it more difficult for European powers to control their conquered territories?

Some Christian beliefs inspired indigenous peoples to fight back against imperial powers.

What is imperial sysytem?

European measurement system

What country was colonized by imperial power in the 19th century?

If its in early 19th century then i think its England

What imperial power controlled Gambia?

It was part of the British empire.

Which nations were controlled by imperial powers?

Japan and the United States

What best describes the scramble for Africa?

A competition between European imperial powers to control Africa

What European country was the 2nd largest imperial power?

France was the second largest imperial power, after the United Kingdom.

Which European country was the fastest growing imperial power in the Early Modern?

Spain was the fastest growing imperial power in the Early Modern period. Through exploration and conquest in the Americas, by the mid-16th century, Spain had amassed a vast overseas empire that included territories in North and South America, the Caribbean, and parts of Africa and Asia.

What advantage did European countries have over people in other lands in their Imperial expansion?

People in European countries were civilized.

What idea was used to justify European imperialism in Asia and Africa?

Social Darwinism is a idea that is similar to survival of the fittest. They used this idea to and divide preexisting areas or territories.