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Q: What European group explores Florida and Canada?
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What European group explored both Florida and Canada?

the French

What is the definition of ing direct canada?

ING Direct Canada is a Canadian bank owned by ING group, a European banking group. It was founded in Canada in 1997 as an alternative, no-fee, high interest banking services provider.

Who were the first group of explores?

Ancient Greeks

What is a minority group in Canada?

Asians are a minority group in Canada

What is the definition of metis?

Metis refers to a person of mixed Indigenous and European heritage, particularly in Canada. The term is also used to describe a distinct cultural group that emerged from the blending of Indigenous and European traditions, often associated with the Métis Nation, a recognized Indigenous group in Canada.

When was Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union created?

Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union was created in 1959.

What are a group of islands near Florida?

Florida Keys.

First eurpoean settler in North America?

Early European possessions in North America included Spanish Florida, they were the first major religious group to immigrate to the New World.

What is the ethnic group in Canada?

The third ethnic group in Canada is history, and customs.

What region or group has an economy similar to those of Europe?

Canada and Australia have similar economies to those of Europe. The United States also has a similar economy to European economies.

Can you start a group home in Florida?

Yes, you can start a group home in Florida. The Florida Department of Health regulates group homes and they are able to provide you with regulations concerning launching your business.

What group was limited in medieval European society?

Bun was the role of the group which was limited in medival european society.