What Is A Voyage?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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A voyage is a long journey, particularly by ship.

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Q: What Is A Voyage?
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When was Voyage - Voyage album - created?

Voyage - Voyage album - was created in 1978.

What is the book called that ends with the word voyage and the first word starts with a b?

Backwater Voyage by Archie BinnsBalloon voyage by Rupert SaundersBartlett and the Ice Voyage by Odo HirschBecassine Voyage by M.-L CaumeryBiblical Ancestry Voyage by William LaRue DillardBlue Voyage by Conrad AikenBon Bon Voyage by Nancy FairbanksBon voyage by numerous authorsThe Brendan Voyage by Timothy SeverinBroken Voyage by G. W. BarringtonBuccaneer Voyage (Spotlight Books) by Michael CeitelbaumBungee's Voyage by Sally Ford

What is correct bon voyage or von voyage?

Bon voyage is the correct one

What do you you call a ship on its 1st voyage?

A ship on its first voyage is a ship that is on its maiden voyage.

What year did Jacques Cartier set out on his voyage?

First Voyage: 1534 Second Voyage: 1535-1536 Third Voyage: 1541-1542

Meaning of von voyage?

The proper term is bon voyage not von voyage. Bon voyage in a French term and means "to have a safe journey".

Translate the word voyage in English?

The word "voyage" in English translates to "voyage" in French.

What is a sentence for voyage?

i took a voyage to Africa

What is the plural for voyage?

The plural of voyage is voyages.

What are some examples of voyage?

what are examples of voyage.

What does maiden voyage mean?

Maiden Voyage means the first voyage for a ship, or other transport.

How did Amerigo die on his third voyage?

he did not die on his third voyage because he had a voyage the next year.