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he was a humanist , poet, and writer.

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Q: What affect did Giovanni Boccaccio have on the renaissance time period?
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Which century did the early renaissance writers petrarch and boccaccio lived in?

Petrarch and Boccaccio lived in the 14th century, a time known as the Late Middle Ages and early Renaissance period. They were important figures in the development of Italian literature and humanism during this time.

What time period of music was Giovanni gabrieli in?

the late renaissance, and was a key composer in the transition to Baroque music

What language during the renaissance?

During the Renaissance, Latin was commonly used for academic and religious writings, while vernacular languages such as Italian, French, and English were used for literature and everyday communication. Italian, in particular, played a significant role in the cultural and literary advancements of the period, with works by authors like Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio.

Who are the famous composer of the renaissance period?

Giovanni Palestrina ;1525-1594. He wrote 104 Masses, and some 450 other sacred works!!

What was the period in history befor the Renaissance?

What was the period in history befor the Renaissance?

Is the high renaissance the same as the renaissance period?

High Renaissance is a period during Renaissance -it's the middle part, in about the 16th century.

Which time period reflects the renaissance?

The Renaissance reflects the period of the 16th century.

When did renaissance art begin?

Renaissance art began during the Renaissance period. The Renaissance art period began in 1150 and lasted until about 1600.

Where did the Gabrielis work?

The Gabrielis, Andrea and his nephew Giovanni, worked in Venice, Italy during the late Renaissance period. They were influential composers and organists, known for their contributions to polychoral music and instrumental compositions.

What came before the Renaissance period?

what came before the Renaissance period was midevil times.

What did they do during the Renaissance period?

The renaissance period was for "reconstruction." It was a period of advancement in art, architecture, science, and new inventions.

Which period of the Renaissance was associated with the reign of James?

The Jacobean Period of the Renaissance was associated with the reign of James.