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horses, smallpox

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Q: What are 4 lasting effects of the Columbian Exchange?
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What were 4 lasting effects of the Columbian Exchange?

The horse,religion,food and crops

What was a result 4 white b/c of the columbian exchange?

one of many results were that whites lived longer b/c of their became more diverse and healthier

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List 4 goods and diseases brought to europe during the columbian exchange?

The 4 goods and diseases brought to Europe during the Colombian Exchange included tomatoes, maize, potatoes, livestock, while the diseases included sickle cell anemia, Measles, smallpox, and Yellow fever.

What was the 4 continents were bought closer during trade?

The four continents that were brought closer together through trade were Europe, Africa, Asia, and America. This period of expanded trade and cultural exchange, known as the Columbian Exchange, had a significant impact on the global economy and led to the transfer of goods, ideas, and diseases between these continents.

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