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what is Mary Kingsley's main accomplishment

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Q: What are Mary kingsley's accomplishments?
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Who were Mary Kingsleys parents?

Mary Kingsley's parents were George Kingsley, a doctor and minister, and Mary Bailey Kingsley. She was born on October 13, 1862 in Islington, London, England.

What were some of Mary Annings accomplishments?

what was mary anning accompishment

Mary Harris Jones accomplishments?

The accomplishments of Mary Harris Jones include leading the great railroad strike of 1877 and fighting for employment opportunities.

What were Saint Mary's accomplishments?

There are many, MANY saints named Mary. Please be specific.

What were St.Elizabeth's accomplishments?

She was the mother of john the Baptist and the cousin of the virgin mary

What are Mary Higgins Clark's accomplishments?

Frankly she has wrote at least 74 books

What was one of the primary accomplishments of william and mary orange?

One of the primary accomplishments of William and Mary Orange was signing the English Bill of Rights. This led to the end of conflict between Royalty and the Parliament and inspired change in the ideals of citizens.

One of the primary accomplishments of william and mary of orange was?

and end to the divine right of kings

What was Mary Wollstonecraft's accomplishments?

she wrote the "Vindication of the rights of woman" and was a succesful author and influential leader for women

What were Mary Todd Lincoln's Accomplishments?

Mary Todd Lincoln had many accomplishments. She supported the establishment of female nursing corps and also helped women acquire employment. She became the first hostess to welcome African Americans as guests to the White House.

Did Mary Shelley wife of the poet write Dracula or Frankenstein?

Yes, Mary wrote a number of novels, travelogues, short stories and gift books. For a complete list of her accomplishments see wikipedia (Mary Shelley)

What were two of the accomplishments of the Olmec people?

they invented a calender and a system of writing. Mary Kooper