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1.France was weakened from earlier battles with Britain

2.Britain took all land that belonged to France in the Americas

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High taxation caused by the National debt created generations ago.

Two years of crop failure that created a grain shortage and a lack of bread.

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Q: What are at least two specific reasons for French discontent on the eve of the Revolution?
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What are two specific reasons for French discontent on the eve of the revolution?

High taxation and the food shortage.

What was the reasons for French discontent on the eve of the Revolution?

France had a staggering debt and an unfair tax code that gave exemption to the Nobles and the Clergy.

What caused social discontent and government repression in Britain in the period between 1815 and 1832?

The events of the French Revolution caused social discontent in Britain in the period between 1815 and 1832. People who advocated a revolution were imprisoned by the government without a trial, causing revolution to be repressed.

How do you use bourgeoisie?

When speaking of the French middle class, particularly during the French Revolution. ex: When the bourgeoisie revolted, they expressed their discontent by beheading the king.

What were the social reasons for the french revolution?

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What is a factor that helped cause the French revolution in 1848?

Type your answer here. .Poor harvests Discontent among the Third Estate An absolute monarchy ..

What are Four reasons the french revolution ended so differently than the American Revolution?

i got 1 french help Americans i American revolution but they didnt exit back when the french revolution was going on so they couldn't help

Why were the citezens dissatisfied with King Louis XVI'S rule in the french revolution?

Amongst many things, the involvement of France in the American Revolution was ruinous to the Kingdom. There was a strong starvation and also discontent about the participation of the people in the affairs of the state.

What caused discontent at the old French regime?

The French Revolution was mainly caused by economic differences between the lower and upper classes.

What does Ras-le-bol mean in french?


How and why did a revolution break out in France in 1789?

The French Revolution began in 1789 and was sparked by a variety of factors, including economic, political, and social issues. The French monarchy was deeply in debt, and the government was unable to effectively address the country's financial problems. This led to widespread discontent among the population, particularly among the middle and lower classes. Additionally, the Enlightenment, a philosophical movement that emphasized reason and individual rights, had swept through Europe and many French citizens began to demand more political freedom and equality. Finally, a series of bad harvests and rising food prices contributed to the overall sense of discontent and discontent in the country.

What is the traditional interpretation of why the French Revolution started?

The traditional interpretation of why the French Revolution started is due to political conflicts between the classes. Other reasons include an ineffective leader and economic struggles.