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Yes, there were medieval female lords. However, they never used the term, 'lords' for women. Instead, they referred to these female lords as 'ladies.'

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Laidies were high noble classed woman who had a lot of duties around the castle.

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If there were no girls/women in the middle ages there would be no people today.

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Q: What are ladies in the medieval times?
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What role did ladies play in the fuedal system in medieval times?

The ladies followed the men, and couldn't vote

Who was below the king in Medieval Times feudal system?

Lords and Ladies

How many noble ladies were in the medieval times?

It is impossible to answer this because the number can't be known.

How did ladies in the medieval times attain ringlets in their hair?

Make a bun [hair Bun]

Did the ladies during medieval times go to church?

Yes they did because it gave them hope through difficult,dark, and murky times.

What did medieval ladies do to freckles?


What was a medieval lady's diet?

there were no ladies back then

Were Ladies allowed to become knights in the medieval times?

that's a very clever question! i love it! but im very sure they couldn't...

Who did medieval ladies work for?

If they were peasants they worked for a lord

What was a knight and ladies role in medieval?

No A knight in Medieval times was a protector he competed (joust, sword fight, etc., etc) the ladies were the ones that cooked and cleaned and if you were a nobleman's wife you watched over the manor and made sure it was nice and tidy. And by the way "No" is a really bad answer because it has nothing to do with the question.

What did people wear during celebrations in the medieval times?

Ladies wore gowns, long skirts with matching tops,and fabric flats

A medieval romance is generally about?

Medieval romances are adventure stories about knights, famous kings, or ladies in distress.