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The Forty niners

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Q: What are people who try to find gold called?
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What are people that try to find gold called?


Who are people who try to find gold?

A Prospector

What did the Spanish people who came to Mexico try to do?

To find God, gold and glory.

Was the gold rush a part of the westward expansion?

yes. It caused people to move west so they could try to find gold.

How do you activate the gold package on Panfu?

you can find the answer if you type this question on wiki answers : what is the code for a gold package on panfu? by the way i have a panda on it called : qwertykyla try and find it if you really want the answer

Who was Coronado and what did he try to do?

try to find the 7 cities of gold

What was the nickname for thousands of people who came from all over the world to try to find gold in California?


How are pirates like?

pirates are like old historic people that used to sail the sea and try to find gold duhhh

What is it called when people try to find something sick or wrong about their body but are fine?

A hypochondriac.

Where in the Philippines find the gold?

I do not know try to search for it.

Where do you find gold in the Philippines?

I do not know try to search for it.

Where can i find a good gold plating services?

Try the website They do professional gold and platinum plating.