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Q: What are some facts about imperialism?
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What are three facts about imperialism?

It took place in the late 1800's to the early 1900's. Great Britain and France were very big players in this. Africa was a prime target.

Which were the 2 continents victim of imperalism?

Africa and Asia were the two continents most affected by imperialism during the 19th and 20th centuries, where European powers colonized and exploited their resources for economic gain and political control.

How did imperialism appeal go beyond what many saw as its practical advantage?

Imperialism offered a new kind of frontier for American expansion. some believed that Imperialism was a celebration of American tradition and creative spirit. there was a growth and popularity of youth scouting during this period.

What are some negative effcts of imperialism in china?

European imperialism in China during the 19th Century hurt the Chinese economy and their governments. The people were exploited. Japan & the USA were also involved in using imperialism in China as well. Imperialism continued into the 20th century as well.

What are some justifications for imperialism?

A. to civilize the uncivilized B. economics

What is the historical importance of Imperialism?

Imperialism is important because it was a way in which countries gain power and improve their economic situation. Although it was important, it had some bad consequences in some territories, since they were conquer by other people. Imperialism lead to many wars, and many people was killed

What are some vanilla facts?

what are some facts about vanilla

What is anti imperialism?

Anti-Imperialism is any belief or practice which opposes imperialism.

What were the goals of US Imperialism?

Expansion and the creation of new markets are some of the most important goals of the Imperialism. They also wanted to make Christianity stronger.

What were some of Japan's high points in 1935?

the imperialism of neighboring islands

How did Mark Twain and Albert J Beveridge differ in their attitude towards imperialism?

Beveridge was for Imperialism while Twain was against imperialism

What is anti-imperialism?

Anti-imperialism is any belief or practice which opposes imperialism.