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Good - he finished the great wall of China which before was just in small bits.

he standardised currency and measurements for weight and distance.

Bad - He was a very brutal leader and often buried people alive

He was obsessed with mortality and went on long quests to try and find a potion to make him immortal. These often contained Mercury which in the end killed him.

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Q: What are some of Qin Shi Huang's good deeds and bad deeds?
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Who was the 2ND emperor of the QIN dynasty?

The second emperor of the Qin dynasty was Qin Shi Huangs' son Huhai.

What is some good information about the Qin Dynasty?

They built the Great Wall of China.

What are some deeds in Qin Shi Huang's history?

Qin Shi Huang (259-210 B.C.) was a cruel ruler who readily killed or banished those who opposed him or his ideas. He is notorious for burning virtually all the books that remained from previous regimes. He even banned scholarly discussions of the past.

Did qin shi Huang do anything good when he ruled?

He created prostitution

What did the Qin (CHIN) dynasty do that was good for china?

Introduced china to supreme succ.

What is a good website about Emperor Qin?

How do you write qin?

Qin Shihuagdi

What was the first Chinese empire?

it is the Qin dynasty ruled by Qin Shihuangdi

What are some achievements of the Qin dynasty in math?

they kkoood dsafzf b it

Did how did the Qin dynasty getits name?

The Qin Dynasty gets its name from Emperor Qin Shihuangdi.

When was Yu Qin born?

Yu Qin was born in 1284.

When was Qin born?

Who is "Qin" first of all .