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Well, in China, they bury people in hills, in Egypt pyramids,

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Q: What are the similarities and differences between ancient burial customs in china Egypt and rome?
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How did the Indian culture shape the world?

INDIAN CULTURE HAS BEEN shaped by its long history and the absorption of customs, traditions and ideas from ancient heritages, which were formed during the Vedic age. Indian diversity is visible in its people, religions, customs, and traditions which differ from place to place in the world, but nevertheless possesses a commonality. For source see related link..

How have legends helped the study of history?

In respect to Ancient History, but true also of other historical concerns and periods, legends have provided assistance in various ways to historical research and discovery. As just one example, legends have often revealed details about the daily lives and customs of ancient peoples, even when the core-story of the legend may be false.

What are some of the new customs that signaled political change during the radical phase of the french revolution?

what were the social customs during the french revolution that signaled the political change

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What are the differences between the French and British systems of colonial rule in Africa regarding direct and indirect rule?

They reflect the different government systems in France and Britain. France centralized, Britain decentralized. France secular and disregarding local religions. Britain assuming that local peoples have a faith. French decisions taken in Paris. Decision making taken at a lower and local level in British colonies. Imposition of the Code Civil by France. Tolerance of local laws except in the case of killing and outrageous punishments or customs (e.g. stoning,suttee) by the British. Assimilation of local elites by the French. Assumption that Africans would remain African by the British.

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What similarities are their between France and Niger?

There are many differences, such as religion, diet, customs and traditions. i dont know if that is a perfect answer but the similarty is: France And Egypt both follow Napoleonic code. you can look up Napoleonic code for more details

Customs of ancient Egypt?


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There are many differences between a Filipino family and an Irish family. The main difference would be their cultural heritage, their holidays and their customs.

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of course they were