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The North American Free Trade Area and the European Union.

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Q: What are two major trade alliance?
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When was All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions created?

All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions was created on 1984-11-24.

Who were the two major groups that fought in world war 1?

the triple alliance and the triple entente

Does china belong to a trade alliance?


What produce do Alabama trade with other countries?

Alabama has no individual trade alliance.

What trade alliance does Sudan belong to?

The African nation of Sudan belongs to two trade alliances. It belongs to the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa and the Global System of Trade Preferences among Developing Countries.

What are the three major trade barriers in the middle east?

two of the main trade barriers are tariff and quota.

What is the Canada US Mexico's economic alliance?

Not much an alliance but a trade and commerce treaty, the three countries are part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Whose trade alliance does the Bahamas belong to?


What is trade alliance?

Trade happens when countries buy from and sell toother countries. Imports are goods brought into a country. Exports are goods sent out of a country.An alliance is when a group of countries work together in some way.

Is coffee sustainable or not?

Like any vegetable it can be if produced using organic farming methods. Most major coffee blends offer a "fair trade" or "rainforest alliance" Rainforest alliance uses organic farming methods. Tierra from Lavazza is rainforest alliance.

What trade alliance does china belong?

black mans balls

What trade alliance does Costa Rica belong to?

Dominican Republic