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Q: What case is a dispute between two people?
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What is the role of arbitration panel in Industrial dispute settlement?

The arbitration panel listens to both sides of a dispute. They encourage discussion and negotiation between the two disputing parties, but if the two parties do not come to a conclusion the panel will make the final decision in the case.

A territorial dispute between Japan and Russia that is holding up a peace treaty between the two countries involves four tiny islands that belong to what chain?

Chain of Kuril Islands. The Northern Territories dispute or Kuril Islands dispute is a dispute between Russia and Japan and also the Ainu people over control of South Kuril Islands.

In what case does a court settle a disagreement between two parties?

A court settles a disagreement between two parties when they cannot come to a resolution on their own and need a legal decision to resolve their dispute. Courts have the authority to interpret the law, determine the facts of the case, and make a binding judgment to resolve the disagreement.

What is the meaning of the word pugilato?

"Pugilato" is an odd Spanish word. The main meaning of "pugilato" is boxing, the fight between two or more people using their fists. It can also be a mere dispute between two people or institutions.

What is a case where two sides disagree over some issue called?

disagreement of dispute

Which type of law is breach of contract?

Breach of contract is a civil case. It is between two private parties, typically the government is not involved. The courts provide a place for the dispute to be worked out peacably.

What was the cause of the American war?

a dispute over the border between the two countries.

What was the cause of the Mexican-American?

a dispute over the border between the two countries.

In between which of the two countries 'Moore' Island dispute is going on?


What are bipartite and tripartite bodies in dispute settlement?

Bipartite bodies in a dispute settlement is an agreement between two parties. Tripartitie bodies is an agreement between three parties involved in a settlement.

What was the cause of Mexican-American war?

a dispute over the border between the two countries.

What was the cause Mexican-American War?

a dispute over the border between the two countries.