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Q: What caused the conflict in Syria?
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A words that you can describe Syria?

Conflict-ridden: Syria has been embroiled in a civil war since 2011, leading to widespread destruction, displacement, and loss of life. Complex: The Syrian crisis involves various internal and external actors with differing interests and agendas, making it a highly intricate and multifaceted conflict. Humanitarian crisis: The ongoing conflict has caused immense suffering, with millions of people in Syria facing extreme poverty, food insecurity, and lack of access to basic services such as healthcare and education.

What conflicts did Syria have?

syria had an recent conflict with lebanon iraq and saudi arabia iran is so called the ally of iran

What has caused the displacement of refugees in Afghanistan Palestine Syria and Sudan?

Generally, continuous war-conditions (and in the cases of Syria and Sudan, genocide) have caused refugees to be displaced.

What body of water caused conflict in the Middle East?

The Suez Canal has always caused conflict.

Does the actual conflict of Syria will lead us to a regional war?

The actual conflict in Syria can lead to a regional war by spreading throughout its border to Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, and if Iran gets attacked, then there could be a World War 3.

What did Turkey build that caused problems for Iraq and Syria?

Answer: A Dam

What conflict has Hitler caused?

He caused World War 2.

What is One source of conflict between Syria and Turkey is?

One source of conflict between Syria and Turkey is the Syrian civil war, which led to tensions between the two countries due to their different support for opposing factions. Additionally, disagreements over the presence of Kurdish forces along their border have also contributed to the conflict.

How did buffer zones cause conflict in WWII?

The buffer zone caused conflict in War World 2 because not keeping control of Europe. This caused a huge conflict.

Why are they in conflict with turkey and Syria?

The conflicts with Turkey are mainly due to the Kurdish separatist movement in southeastern Turkey, where Kurdish militants have been fighting for independence or greater autonomy. The conflict with Syria is primarily related to the Syrian Civil War, where different factions and international interests have led to a complex and multifaceted conflict involving various actors, including Kurdish groups seeking autonomy.

How could a dam on the euphrate river cause a conflict among turkey syria and Iraq?

because of the delta

What is the cause of the conflict of Syria?

The conflict in Syria began in 2011 as a result of the government's violent crackdown on peaceful protests during the Arab Spring. It escalated into a complex civil war involving multiple factions, including the government, opposition groups, jihadist militants, and international backers. The conflict is also fueled by sectarian tensions, regional power struggles, and socioeconomic grievances.