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Q: What changed Woodrow Wilson's opinion about entering ww1?
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What changed Woodrow Wilson's opinion about entering world war ii?

German U-boat attacks killed U.S. citizens.

What factor changed Woodrow Wilson's opinion about entering world war?

Americans were angry German U-boats had Killed U.S. citizens. -APEX ;)

What changed Woodrow Wilson opinion about entering world war1?

America entered WW1 because the Germans sank lusitania, a ship containing civilians. EDIT: That is only one of three reasons, and one of the two that history books in America mention. The other in the books is the Zimmermann telegram, a message sent from Germany's foreign minister to the Mexican government, promised Mexico German support if Mexico invaded America to take back the land they lost in the Mexican-American War. The British intercepted that message and sent it to Wilson and Congress and it infruiated them. The one that isn't in the books is the Allied debt to America. The Allied Forces borrowed money for the war from America and if they lost, America might not get that money back. The reason it isn't in the American text books is simply that it doesn't make America as noble as the others.

What is the definition of fact and opinion?

Fact means something that is definite and unchanging. Opinion is what someone feels about something. It is a fact that Obama is the president. It is my opinion that he is ruining this country. It is a fact that the sky is blue when there are no clouds. It is my opinion that we should have more sunny days.

What is a fact and a opinion?

A fact is something that can be tested and proven to be true.An opinion is something that a person thinks or believes , but which cannot be fully proven. Others may hold a different opinion.

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