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Q: What contribution did Francisco Pizarro make the world?
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What contribution to history did World War I make?

Easy, think about it - without World War 1, World War 2 would never have happened...! Therefore, WW1's contribution to history was WW2...!

What major contribution did overseas colonies make to the allied effort during world war 1?

food,soldies,gun powder,doctors,weapons

What contribution did Jonas Salk make to science in the 1950s?

the polio vaccine

What are Francisco Pizarro's accomplishments?

Major Achievements:Pizarro's first expedition was in 1509 and he was the first mate. The captain was Balboa, another famous explorer. The expeditions purpose was to explore the land that is now Panama. The crew founded Panama City and Pizarro was an important townsperson there. Then in 1527 he made his first expedition on his own to find a rumored civilization called the Incas. Pizarro's first mate was a good friend, his name was Diego de Almagro. They sailed down the coast of western South America. There they went inland a little ways and found evidence of the Incas and gold. Then he returned to Panama with the news. The whole expedition took one year.Then when he was back in Panama he made plans to sail back to Spain and tell the King and Queen the news and get more men and provisions for crops and other foods that were not abundant in Panama. With this news, the King appointed him the governor of Peru, the name of this land that he had found. Then he sailed back to Panama, where he made plans for a long expedition and war on the Incas that would make him the ruler of Peru.

How did Ulyesses S Grant make a contribution to are history or culture?

He was a general in the U.S. Civil War and was later the president of the United States.

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What contribution did Francisco Pizarro make to the Spain's empire in the America's?

Francisco Pizarro discovered Peru

What was Francisco Pizarro motives?

To Find Great riches ,Claim any Lands ,Convert the Indians Christianity

Who helped Francisco Pizarro?

I don't know but i guess that Emperor Charles of Spain granted Pizarro permission to make further expeditions.

What mistakes did Francisco Pizarro make?

Some of the mistakes Francisco Pizarro made include underestimating the Inca military strength, allowing internal conflicts within his own conquistador group to weaken his forces, and not properly securing his control over conquered territories, leading to continued resistance.

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What deal did atahualpa make with Pizarro after atahualpa was captured by Pizarro?

Atahualpa said to give Pizarro a royal chamber full of gold if Pizarro let Atahualpa go.

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Where was Francisco Pizarro's 2nd voyage to?

(He didn't have a 3rd voyage. He died in 1541 and his second voyage was only in 1526-1528. So he would have been about 53 voyaging around the world). that is not true. Francisco Pizarro went to Spain to apply for sovereign because he was told he couldn't make a third expedition. When Pizzaro explained to the king what he was trying to do, his third expedition was allowed.