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India was colonized by Great Britain and the Americas were colonized by various European nations such as Great Britain, France, Portugal, and Spain.

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Q: What countries were colonised apart from africans?
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What countries were not colonised by Britain?

Russia was one.

When did the colonised countries come to Indonesia?

about year 1500 - 1950

What country colonized Oman?

The country Oman colonized by Portuguese and Persian.

African countries which were colonised?

Almost all the African countries were colonized by European nations. Liberia and Ethiopia were the only countries that were not colonized.

Which European countries colonised Egypt?

Greece Rome Byzantium France Britain

What African countries were colonised by Britain?

Ghana nigeria zimbabwe sierra leone

Was Kenya one of the countries Europe did not colonized?

Kenya was colonised by the United Kingdom.

Why do so many countries in Africa have French as their official language?

because many countries were colonised by the French and Belgium (Belgium is also largely french speaking nation) during the "occupation" of Africa (approx 1700 - 1960), after-which most previously colonised countries had sought independence.

Why are there no buffalos in England?

Because they didn't evolve until long after the continents split apart - meaning they never colonised England.

How many countries have the great Britain colonised?

The British Empire no longer exists but at its height, more than 50 countries were administered by Britain.

Why are Africans related with history of slavery?

Africans were used as slaves in many countries, including America

Are traditions common among Asian and africans countries?

no,because we have our own tradition which the africans don't have...