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Q: What country made the Closed Country Edict?
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Which country made the Closed Country Edict?


How do you become a missionary who goes into forbidden countries?

Although it is extremely dangerous to be a missionary to a country that has forbidden Christianity and/or proselytizing, there are ways that it can be done. Here are three ways that you can become a missionary to a "closed" country: 1) Most of the time, a country which has "closed its doors" to missionaries, will be open to people of other occupations. For instance, some countries have been known to let in missionaries who are certified to teach English. Because the leaders of a country have a desire to educate their people, they will often "overlook" the religion that accompanies some of their English teachers. As long as the teachers are subtle in their presentations of the gospel and conversions of that country's people, they can generally go about their business unhindered. This also works with other occupations that are needed within a particular country (medical, business, etc). 2) Live in a neighboring country that is "open" to missionaries, that is also located on the border of the "closed" country that you desire to reach. Many missionaries have succeeded in reaching some of the citizens of a closed country through contacts made in a neighboring open country. A contact can show a missionary who lives on the border of a closed country how to sneak into that country to distribute literature and Bibles to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Once converts within the country have been made, an "underground" church is started. Contacts made in the open country may also become converts, who might then move into the neighboring country, and be able to carry on work that a foreigner might not be able to accomplish as easily. 3) Radio ministry. Sometimes missionaries succeed in spreading the gospel within a closed country by operating a radio ministry on the border of the closed country. These missionaries often end up sneaking in the closed country as well to distribute radios to families located within that country. There are many other ways to become a missionary to a "closed" country, and it may be as simple as being creative in your approach to missions. To read more about how to reach "closed" countries, click the link below entitled "Creative Access Countries"

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