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Germany was blamed for starting World wasr 1. They sunk the Lusitania and sent the Zimmerman telegram, which was intercepted by the United States. Hi.

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Q: What country was blamed for war world 1?
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If only one country was blamed for World War 1 which one is it?


What country is historically blamed for the start of World War 1?

Germany started ww1

Why is Germany blamed for World War 1?

ANSWER1. Germany invaded the neutral country Belgium. 2. Germany was blamed for WWI because of their "excesses" of war.

Who did President Wilson blame for World War 1?

President Wilson blamed Germany for World War 1.

Who blamed Germany for World War 1?

Everyone did

How did they feel about the blamed in World War 1?


Why was World War 1 blamed on World War 2?

World War I was not blamed on World War II because World War I happened first. Rather, World War II was blamed on World War I, because WWI destroyed the German economy and made Hitler's message of national unity and triumph attractive to the average German.

Germany blamed what religious group for its problems after world war 1?

Germany blamed the Jewish population for its problems after World War I. This belief, known as the "stab in the back" myth, falsely claimed that Germany's defeat in the war was due to betrayal by Jewish people within the country.

Was The Treaty of Versailles blamed the US for World War 1 true false?

False, Germany were blamed.

Who was blamed for World War 1 at the signing of the Treaty of Versailles?


Who w blamed for World War 1?

They blamed Serbia. People think he murdered their king and went to war with him. And Russia was one Serbias side

Do you think Germany was to be blamed for World War 1?

yes, coz they are homless