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Q: What did Explorers not being able to find gold in the new world led to?
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Why did English explorers come to the new world 100 years later after the spanish explorers?

To find out more

Where did England send most explorers to?

They sent most explorers to Asia to get spices, to learn more about the world,and to find undicoveredland.

Which country sent explorers to find gold in the new world?

The spanish.

How might colorimetry be useful in industry?

By being set by teachers to find out, and not being able to find it! By being set by teachers to find out, and not being able to find it!

Where do you find Giratina in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of the sky?

In the World Abyss.

What precious metal did Spanish explorers hope to find in the New World?


Where were explorers in the 1500's able to find spices?

Not really. There were no spices to find in North America. They did find corn, tomatoes, and coco in South America, Mexico, and the American Southwest.

How do you get Giratina in Pokemon explorers of darkness?

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What was the purpose for explorers coming to the new world?

to find a quicker route to Asia was for Christopher Colombus and to claim land for their country

What legendary places did spanish explorers hope to find north of Mexico?

the spanish explorers hoped to find el dorado

What did the Spanish explorers find?


What did early explorers set out to do?

early explorers set out to find new land for the rest of their tribes