What did Spanish explorers do?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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Explored, conquered the natives, and built settlements

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they explore things for Spain

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Q: What did Spanish explorers do?
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What language did the Spanish explorers speak?

The Spanish explorers spoke Spanish.

What were the spanish explorers looking for?

The early Spanish explorers were looking for Silver and Gold!

How did Spanish explorers change Americans lives?

how did spanish explorers change the live in americas

What were spanish explorers of America called?

Spanish Explorers and Conquerors of the New World were called 'Conquistadors'.

How did stories about cibola affect the spanish explorers?

The Cibola stories effected the spanish explorers because it was entertaining.

What was primary object of Spanish explorers in northwest?

The Spanish explorers wanted to find gold, silver and power.

Who ars some spanish explorers?

Some Spanish explorers are Balboa, Cortes, Pizarro, Vizcaino, and Columbus (an Italian sailing Spanish ships).

What is the main Aztec influence on Mesoameric?

By many of the Spanish explorers the Aztecs were conquered by the Spanish and the Spanish were the first explorers to come to the New World

How were the Aztecs defeated by the Spanish explorers?

The Spanish had guns

Spanish Explorers Claim Florida?

if you mean why did spanish explorers claim Florida is because they were looking for things i guess.

Who were the western explorers who had early contact with the incas?

Europeans & Spanish explorers.

What legendary places did spanish explorers hope to find north of Mexico?

the spanish explorers hoped to find el dorado