What did explorers drink?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Beer beer beer

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Q: What did explorers drink?
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What did the Tudor explorers eat and drink?

yes they did

What kinds of drinks did french explorers drink in 16th century?

Beer & Wine

What did explorers drink water out of?

canteens, i guess. maybe made of animal skin...

How do you get destiny tower on Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky?

spindas bar- if u get lucky its location will be on the botton of a glassso just drink drink drink

What would the Tudor explorers drink apart from bear and sea water?

It is beer and it wasn't beer but ale and NO ONE can drink sea water so they didn't drink that. They would bring rum and water.

How do you get mt mistrail on explorers of sky?

If you go to Spinda Cafe and buy a drink, Mt. Mistral may be engraved on the bottom of the glass

Why did the explorers need the support of the rich benefactor?

They needed medicine, food, protein, and water to drink, and also a good boat to go to sea.

How do you get to destiny tower on explorers of sky?

After you beat Dialga and graduate, go to the Spindas cafe, and go to the Drink stand, and if you get lucky on a drink and find WIN written on the bottom of your glass, there is a chance that you will unlock Destiny Tower.

How do you get a PokΓ©mon's IQ stars up in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky?

eat gummies of your typeor drink juice at spinda,s store

Why did chocolate come to the UK?

Explorers in South America found the local populations using chocolate as a drink, and brought it to Europe and Britain for its medicinal properties.

Who are explorers today?

Explorers of science, or explorers of history.

What historical facts are linked to chocolate?

It was thought that chocolate was made by the Inca's but was made into a alcoholic drink, it was later discovered by explorers who brought back to America and made it solid.