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The Horse was reintroduced to North America by the Spanish explorers. Horses had previously existed in North America but were extinct. They also introduced the ferral hogs that are rampant today.

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The Spanish colonists came to set up colonies for the king.

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I think t was to find gold and to gain more land for Spain.

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Q: What did the Spanish explorers bring to America in 1500?
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Why did the Spanish explore the new world in the 1500?

well Some came to America to find a shorter distance from Spain to Why_did_Spanish_explorers_come_to_America, such as Christopher Columbus. Others came to find for "Cities of Gold" such as Hernán Cortez & Francisco Pizarro. Others came as a missionary mission to convert Native Americans to Christianity such as Serra Junipero. Most of these explorers would also claim the land they found to be property of the Spanish land

Which countries in western europe first sent explorers and colonists to america?

Excluding the Vikings from Scandinavia and Iceland, the first Europeans to settle in the Americas were the Spanish and the Portuguese. Columbus arrived in the islands off North America in 1492, and he and others established colonies for Spain in the West Indies. Portugal, having established an easterly trade route around Africa, also became interested in the New World, establishing a colony in Brazil in 1500.

What year did Columbus reach America?

It was in 1492, and we now remember it with Columbus Day. [=

What was the fastest way to connect people on continents in the 1500s?

Where continents were land bordered, such as North America and South America, then connections could be accomplished by horses, walking and cats pulled by oxen. When the continents are oceans apart, such as Europe and North America then sea travel by ships were the only way possible in the 1500's.

Discuss one effect of European exploration and settemeant in new world after 1500?

When the Europeans explored the Americas, it was both good and bad. The good side is that they found new crops such as corn, squash, tabacco, the cocoa bean, etc. Europe was expanding and taking land in what is now Mexico, Cental America, and South America. The bad thing was for the natives already living there. Diseases, such as smallpox, swept through the population of about two million natives, killing most of them off. The natives were also traded as slaves into Europe. The Incan and Aztec empires were completely destroyed. They did have clubs and spears, but explorers had swords, armor, horses, and guns. They did not stand a chance.

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Who were the first Europeans to bring in slaves?

The Spanish had slaves in North America in the 1500's. Columbus made 1500 Native Americans slaves and the other explorers also made Native Americans slaves.

When the Spanish explorers arrived in North America during the the early 1500 they first encountered the?

When Spanish explorers arrived in North America during the 1500s, they encountered thriving indigenous civilizations. Eventually the Spanish would come to oppress and subjugate these people for their own selfish needs.

When did european explorers first arrive in South America?

Approx. 1500.

Where did modern day horses come from?

Spanish explorers brought them in the 1500's

What was the given name to Spanish explorers?

Spanish explorers were commonly referred to as conquistadors. They were soldiers, explorers, and adventurers who played a significant role in the exploration and conquest of the Americas by the Spanish Empire. Some famous conquistadors include Hernan Cortes and Francisco Pizarro.

Wall street in the 700's?

Nothing existed in the 700's in North America, but Native Americans and their cultures. It won't be until the 1500's when the first Spanish explorers arrived.

Why were the wars known as the Reconquista fought?

Conquistador's were Spanish Soldiers (Explorers) during the 1400 & 1500/1600's. Conquistador means "Conqueror" in Spanish. These men explored North, Central, and South America during those times.

Which claims did Spain have on Oregon?

The expeditions of Balboa and other Spanish explorers during the 1500's and 1600's.

The europeans who came to north America in the late 1400 and 1500?

Explorers that were finding a water route to asia.

In the early 1500 spanish sailor explored the coast of?

North & South America

What best describes the Europeans who came to north America in the late 1400 and 1500?

explorers who were searching for a water route to Asia

Who went to South America in the early 1500?

Spanish conquistadores namely Pizarro and Cortex were sent by the Spanish monarchy to south America in their lust for gold and conquest.