What did the communists want?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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The end of capitalism, the end of royalty, everyone gets paid the same, everyone has the same equal opportunities, everyone lives in the same type of apartment building, everyone has the same education. The end of religion, (communists are atheists). Communists want the whole world to be communist. The end of different types of goods. One type of car, one style of clothing.

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Q: What did the communists want?
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Are vegetarians communists?

No, being a vegetarian is a dietary choice based on not consuming meat, while communism is a political and economic ideology. There is no inherent connection between being a vegetarian and being a communist. People from various political beliefs and ideologies may choose to follow a vegetarian diet for personal, ethical, health, or environmental reasons.

Why did the communists want the western powers to leave Berlin?

The communists did want the western powers to leave Berlin because they were against their ideologies. They viewed the western powers as a hindrance to the implementation of their communists ideas.

How did fascists and communists feel about racism?

In general, fascists and communists were about as racist as their general societies were. Russian communists, for example, were almost notorious in their generally racist and anti-semitic attitudes, despite the official Communist cant that all races were equal in Lenin's eyes.

Why did MacArthur want to nuke Korea?

He wanted to invade china because he wanted to hurry and defeat the communists before the united states would be conquered by communists and then overcame by communists

Who are worse communists or the Soviet Union?


Why did the US moved in early to prevent the unification of Vietnam?

The United States did not want Communism to spread. Until then, Communism had been spreading by conquest and the United States did not want another country conquered by the Communists. The theory by the United States did not work. The Communists conquered South Vietnam. Then Communists conquered Cambodia. Cambodia would be the last country where the government was overthrown by a Communist revolution. The Communists killed the intelligentsia, which in other countries had been the main supporters of Communism. Without its traditional supporters, Communism can not spread.

What is the percent of comunists?

I suggest you write another question, where you clarify the follinwg: Do you want the percentage of communists in Russia? In China? In South America? World-wide? The question, then, might be: "What is the percentage of communists, world-wide?" or "... in the United States?"

Why is communism radical?

Because communists want to control everything the working man does. He wants to tax you and take away your guns. But HE doesn't want to pay taxes.

What country was originally fighting a losing war with the Communists?

Russia (Bolshevik Revolution-Communists won); China (Communist Revolution-Communists won); South Korea (Communists stopped); South Vietnam (Communists won).

Where the communists against the Nazis?

Communists were against Nazis.

What did both the nationalists and the communists want for china?

Both wanted an independent, self governing China, free from foreign influence.

What was the original name of the communists?

"Bolsheviks" was the original name of the Communists.