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Q: What did the europeans trade with chinese?
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What did the Chinese the of the Europeans?

The Chinese initially viewed Europeans as barbarians due to their different customs and appearance. However, they also recognized their advanced technology and saw the potential for trade and diplomatic relations.

What did the Chinese think the Europeans were?

The Chinese thought that the Europeans were barbarians who were worst than the Manchurians and the Mongolians who were also barbarians in the eyes of the Chinese. Europeans had to bow down to the Chinese when they wanted to trade with the Chinese. The Chinese however did not abuse their power on the Europeans because the Chinese saw themselves as the "Middle Kingdom" and believed that all other nations and people in the world will eventually adopt the Chinese ways. The Chinese don't shove their culture down other people's throats. I would say that the Chinese thinking was arrogance and vanity at its best.Source: Prelude to Opium War Qing DynastyThe Chinese thought that the Europeans were barbarians

Why did the ming Chinese believe all europeans were smugglers?

The Ming Chinese believed that all Europeans were smugglers because many of the early European merchants engaged in illegal smuggling activities to evade Chinese trade regulations and restrictions. This behavior led to a negative perception of all Europeans among the Ming Chinese authorities.

The Chinese were eager to trade with europeans because their goods were far superior to those in china correct?

No they wanted to trade with Japan So It is false.

What did Europe get in trade on the silk road?

The Europeans wanted to buy the silk, manufactured from the silk worms cocoon's by the Chinese.

What was the Chinese view of Europeans and how did interactions with Europeans impact Chinese society?

the portuguese

What did the Chinese trade on silk road to the europeans?

the silk road facilitated trade between china and europe

The Chinese thought the Europeans was what?

The Chinese thought the Europeans were "barbarians" due to their different customs, language, and appearance. Europeans were initially seen as uncivilized outsiders by the Chinese.

How did Chinese react to the arrival of portuguese traders in 1514?

The Ming government was not impressed by the Portuguese. The Chinese thought the Europeans were barbarians or uncivilized people. The Chinese refused to trade with the Portuguese, but by 1600, they had allowed Portugal to set up a trading post at the port of Macao.

When did Chinese miners attack in lambing flat riots?

They didn't the Europeans attacked the Chinese The Chinese were rallied and attacked by the Europeans in 1861.

How are China's people?

Kind and love to build; one day the Europeans started asking to trade, the Chinese didn't care but ever since that day the Europeans started copying the Chinese with their ways and started asking them for more and more crops because china had very fertile land.

How might Europeans of that time benefit from trade?

the europeans will get alot more things with the increased trade