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Q: What did the independence movements in Vietnam and Algeria after World War 2 fave in common?
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What language is common in Algeria Belize Haiti Kenya and Vietnam?

There is no single language common to all of those countries.For the languages of Algeria, click here.For the languages of Belize, click here.For the languages of Haiti, click here.For the languages of Kenya, click here.For the languages of Vietnam, click here.

What did the post World War 2 independence movements in India and Africa have in common?

Several key figures in the movements had studied in Great Britain or the United States.

What do George Washington and miguel hidalgo have in common?

Both led the independence movements of their respecitve countries: L'Ouverture battled France for the independence of Haiti, while Hidalgo fought Spain for the independence of present-day Mexico and parts of Central America (minus Belize and Panama).

What are some similarities with the independence movements in Latin America?

Some common similarities among the independence movements in Latin America include a desire to break free from colonial rule, the influence of Enlightenment ideas such as liberty and equality, the role of local leaders mobilizing support for independence, and the eventual formation of new nation-states. Other factors include economic grievances, social inequality, and the involvement of various social groups in the struggle for independence.

Does Algeria and Libya share a common boundary?

Yes. Algeria shares its eastern border with Libya's western border.

Why did most of the world view the Vietnam war as a war of independence and the US viewed it as a war against communism?

The 1st Indochina War (aka French Indochina War) was a war for independence (independence from France). The 2nd Indochina War (in the US known as the Vietnam War; and in Vietnam known as the American War) was against communism. It's common for people (students) to get things confused, especially when they're not paying attention. Or when listening and believing to too much propaganda...which was heavily utilized during the Vietnam War (as well as Korea, WWII, etc.).

What is the least common religion in Vietnam?

The least common religion in Vietnam is the Baha'i Faith.

Would nomadic herding be more common in Algeria or in Ecuador?

Algeria because you cant herd a cow over a mountain =)

Is Samsa aux amandes a common food in Algeria?


What animals are common in Algeria?

Below is a list of wildlife living in Algeria.Barbary_LionBarbary_SheepBoarFennecGolden_JackalLeopardMarsh_MongooseRed_FoxRueppell's_FoxSand_CatServalStriped_Hyena

What is the most common religions in Algeria?

The most common religion in Algeria is Islam, with the majority of the population being Sunni Muslims. There are also small Christian and Jewish communities in the country.

What is a common food in Vietnam?