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All of the following states make up the middle colonies Except:

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Q: What did the middle colonies and southern colonies shared all of the following grievances except?
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By the early 1900sthe following held colonies except?


What type of religion were in the southern colony?

Which southern colony? If you mean the southern English colonies that became the United States - they were mostly Christian, except for some Jews and newly arrived slaves were most likely Muslim. Most of the Christians were Southern Baptists. There were other colonies in South America that could be called southern colonies and colonies in the country that became South Africa. The religious mix was the same.

After 1763 Americans began to feel a common bond against the British because of all the following common grievances EXCEPT?

the economic depression that followed the end of the war

the Phoenicians established trading colonies in all of the following places except a Sicily c Crete b Sardinia d Malta?

answer is C.Crete

How often did people change clothes in the southern colonies?

They changed their clothes up to 4 weeks. They wore the same outfit for 4 weeks except for church.

What proprietary colonies were found?

All of them except for the New England colonies.

Which colony was not a New England colony?

All the colonies except Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire were not New England colonies.So the following were not New England colonies:New YorkPennsylvaniaNew JerseyMarylandDelawareVirginiaNorth CarolinaSouth CarolinaGeorgia

What did the British Parliament do to address the grievances of the colonists?

All provisions of the Townshend Act are repealed, except for the duty on tea.

What was NOT the main cash crop in the southern colonies?

Anything except for tobacco, indigo dye, or rice. If you are looking for any one random example, how about corn?

What Gregorian Chant the following characteristics except?

The following are characteristics of Gregorio chants except:

Which of the countrycame to be european colonies except?

the congo

Do any species of penguin live in the Arctic?

No. There are no penguins in the Arctic; nor there are polar bears in the Antarctic. Penguins are restricted almost entirely to the Southern Hemisphere (except for a few colonies on the Galápagos Islands).