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Q: What disease did the old world bring to the new world?
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What types of plants did the europeans bring to the Americas?

The contrast between the two sets of organisms, Old World and New World,

What did the Europeans introduce the native Americans to?

Disease came with the Europeans. The old world brought diseases to the new world and they had no natural immunity to them.

Where does yellow fever come from the old world or the new world?

Yellow fever is presently endemic to tropical and subtropical areas in South America and Africa (both old and new worlds).However, the origin of the disease is most likely to be Africa, from where it was introduced to South America through the slave trade in the 16th century.It is therefore an Old World disease.

Can you make a new world in Terraria and bring items from an old world into it when you make the world?

yes just pick the same guy you used in another world and play with him

Did the Columbian Exchange bring tobacco to America and vanilla to Europe?

No, both tobacco and vanilla went from the New World to the Old.

Who was Francis Drake's cousin?

Drake and Hawkins sailed when Drake was about 23 years old. Sailing to the "New World." They commanded the first English ship to bring African slaves to the New World.

Is sugar from the old world or new world?

did vanilla come from the new or old world

Is bread from old or new world?

old world

Was sqaush in the new world or old world?

new world squash was in the new world, but it was in the old world of squash.

Is lettuce from the new or old world?


Did vanilla come from the old or new world?

old world

Is shrimp old world or new world?

Is shrimp old world or new?