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Q: What do you call a person who is the top of the social class and was sent by Spain to rule the Spanish colonies?
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Who is the person sent by Spain to rule the Spanish's colonies?

A Viceroy

Why did Portugal have colonies Africa but Spain did not?

Spanish Morocco and Spanish Sahara were Spanish colonies in Africa.

Did Spanish colonies have just have men from Spain or did they bring females from Spain also?

The Spanish Colonies had women they were not there at first but once the colonies became permanent The realized they needed women in the colonies.

What best describes the criteria used to determine a person's social class in Spain's American colonies?

The racial history of a person's family

What were the people called who were born is Spain but lived in the Spanish American colonies?

The people who were born in Spain but lived in the Spanish American colonies were called peninsulares. They were considered the highest social class in the colonies and held positions of power and authority.

What were the main assets of Spain's colonies?

The Spanish colonies were known for their gold. It made Spain quite rich.

What was an effect of Spain's regulation of trade in its American colonies?

Spanish colonies could only export their raw materials to Spain or other Spanish colonies, and had to purchase manufactured products only from Spain. This was typical of European colonies under the system of mercantilism.

When was peninsulares?

Persons born in Spain who settled in the Spanish colonies

Who got Spain's colonies from the Spanish American War?

The US.

What did the Spain lose in the spanish American war?

its colonies from the pacific and caribbean

Which two Spanish colonies in the Americas did Spain lose as a result of the Spanish-American War?

As a result of the Spanish-American War Spain lost its colonies of Cuba and Puerto Rico.

What would you call a female person from Spain in Spanish?

A female person from Spain is called "española" in Spanish.