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What does Jee Won (Korean boy's name) mean?

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Q: What does the male Korean name Lee Won Hee mean?
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What does the Korean name Young Hee mean?

The Korean name Young Hee (영희) means "eternal joy" or "forever joy" in English. It is a common and traditional name used for girls in Korea.

Can someone translate my Korean name into Korean characters my name is Park Hee Min?

박 희 민

What is heechuls symbol for hee?

Heechul's full name is Kim Heechul ( 김희철 ). The middle character is the Korean hangul for Hee.

What does alex a girl name mean?

allex has to meanings. one of them is protecter of men and the other is little alex hee hee love the name!

Who is park jin-hee?

Park Jin-Hee is a South Korean Actress, born on January 8, 1978.She is one of the underrated actress in that country.

Did Zayn Malik knows Korean actress lee yeon hee?

Where in the world did you hear that. I doubt Zayn even knows Lee Yeon Hee.

What is the birth name of Steve Van Hee?

Steve Van Hee's birth name is Stephen Van Hee.

Who is the actor of joon hee in Korean drama you need romance?

Lee Kwan Hoon

How do you say ganbatte in Korean?

"열심히해!" Yul-shim-hee-hae! or "파이팅!" Fighting!

Where is the Lee Young Hee Museum Of Korean Culture in New York New York located?

The address of the Lee Young Hee Museum Of Korean Culture is: 2 West 32Nd St, New York, NY 10001-3809

What is the name of the chain of mountains to the north of India?

the hee hee

What does NPR mean after a doctor's name?

NPR, after a doctor's name, is usually used by pharmacies to denote that the doctor does not do the following:NOPHONEREFILLSI hope you find this helpful. There is NO CHARGE. :) Hee, hee!Dr. R. Bary MD