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Q: What does the word fuhrer mean in Germany?
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Was the Fuhrer a dictator in Germany?

Yes. Hitler, known as the Fuhrer, was an absolute dictator.

Hitler became Fuhrer?

Hitler became Fuhrer of Germany on 2 August 1934.

What did Hitler named himself of Germany?

The fuhrer (leader) of Germany.

Should the word fuhrer be capitalized when referring to Hitler?

Yes, the word "Fuhrer" should be capitalized when referring to Hitler in his role as the leader of Nazi Germany. This is because it is a title or a specific position in this context.

Who was fuhrer of nazi Germany?

Adolf Hitler

Who was dictator of Germany 1933?

Adolf Hitler was the Fuhrer of Germany in 1939.

Hitler was known as der fuhrer of what country?

Nazi Germany.

What does fuhrer mean and why did people call Hitler that?

Because he was the leader of Germany? Führer means 'leader' in German

Adolf Hitler was the filter of what country?

Fuhrer of Germany.

What did Hitler do to get the name the fuhrer?

He became the Chancellor of Germany.

What was Hitler's title when Germany went to war?


When did Hitler become the totalitarian leader of Germany?

He became the leader of Germany on 30 January 1933.