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Pizarro was determind to reach trips. Supplies Pizarro brought on his trip were any thing that would be able to fight with.

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telescope, compass, and a map

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Q: What equipment did Pizarro use for his expeditions?
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What equipment did Zheng He use for his expeditions?

nun chucks

What was effect of the expeditions of Pizarro?

The founding of Lima. Apex

What was an effect of expeditions of Pizarro?

The founding of Lima. Apex

What kind of weather did Francisco Pizarro face during his expeditions?

what kind of weather did francisco pizarro encounter

What sort of equipment and transport does Ann Bancroft use in her expeditions?


What countries sponsored Francisco Pizarro?

The Spanish Kingdom sponsored Francisco Pizarro's expeditions to South America.

Who did Francisco Pizarro travel with on his many expeditions?

Marvin wong Nicole wong

How did the expeditions of Cortes and Pizarro differ from those e of other Spanish explorers in the Americas?

Cortes and Pizarro's expeditions were characterized by their military conquests of powerful indigenous empires such as the Aztec and Inca, respectively. Unlike other explorers who focused on exploration and trade, Cortes and Pizarro sought to conquer and colonize territories for Spain. Their expeditions led to the fall of these empires and the establishment of Spanish control in the region.

What did he expeditions of Herman Cortes and Francisco Pizarro resulted in?

The expeditions of Hernan Cortes resulted in the conquest of the Aztec Empire in present-day Mexico. Francisco Pizarro's expeditions led to the conquest of the Inca Empire in present-day Peru. Both conquests greatly expanded Spanish influence in the Americas.

What was an affect of the expeditions of Pizarro?

The expeditions of Pizarro led to the decimation of the Inca Empire, resulting in the death of the Inca emperor Atahualpa, and the colonization of the region by the Spanish. The conquest also brought about significant cultural and demographic changes in South America.

The expeditions of hernan Cortes and francisco Pizarro resulted in the?

destruction of the Aztec and Inca empires

What was the effect of the expeditions of Pizarro?

Both were leaders of their expeditions.pizarro and cortes