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Christopher Columbus had to gain financial support for his three ship voyage.

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Q: What events led to the discovery of the New World?
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Events the led to the discovery of DNA?

Watson and crick and the discovery of the double helix

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him working at his fathers taxtile mill

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national events led to a new view of people with disabilities in the US:

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Three events that led to understanding the structure of DNA are: Chargaff's Rules, Franklin's Discovery, and Watson and Crick's Model.

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The telescope.

Which continents make up the old world?

Asia-Africa-Europe-Autrailia-AntarcitaAsia is the continent where history began. By studying Asia first, and then the other continents of the old world , we will gain an understanding of the events that led to the discovery and settlement of the New World --North and South AmericaI hope this sovled your question!-Blessings-

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more Immigration from Europe.

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more immigration from Europe.

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Some important events in physics include the development of Newton's laws of motion, the discovery of electromagnetism by Faraday and Maxwell, the theory of relativity by Einstein, and the discovery of quantum mechanics. These events have greatly influenced our understanding of the physical world and have led to significant advancements in technology and scientific research.

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In the 15th and 16th centuries in particular, Europeans were intent on seeking out a new and faster route to Asian trade-markets than those that already existed. Their searches led to the discovery of the New World of the Americas, which was then explored both for its intrinsic wealth and for the sake of that still undiscovered, and still desired, "Passage to the East."

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