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Ferdinand Magellan used this int\strument

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Q: What explorers used the astrolabe?
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How did astrolabe help European explorers?

It enabled explorers to determine their position.

How did the astrolabe help the explorers?

it helped them locate their latitude

How did the astrolabe help European explorer?

It enabled explorers to determine their position.

What did explorers use to sail accurately by day and night and measures latitude?

An Astrolabe

What are the 3 technologies that helped explorers cross the ocean?

The compass, the astrolabe, and the rudder.

Give two technological advances that helps the explorers on the open sea?

The compass and the astrolabe

What new technologies helped explorers?

The compass, the astrolabe (instrument used to measure latitude), and the rudder all helped European explorers on their quest to find Asia and get rich by by buying spices there and selling them in Europe to get a profit.

What was the role of the astrolobe in terms of explorers?

Astrolabe was an instrument used to find directions in travel over the sea or desert; its role was sort of old magnetic compass!

What kind of techonology did all of the explorers use to sail boats?

Compass, sextant (or astrolabe), & timepieces.

A sentence with astrolabe?

I used an astrolabe because i felt like it.

Use the word Astrolabe in a sentence?

An astrolabe is an old instrument used to calculate the position of celestial bodies. Here are some sentences.I found an antique astrolabe in an old store.An astrolabe was used before the sextant was invented.Polish that astrolabe so it doesn't tarnish.

How do you you use astrolabe in a sentence?

The scientist used an astrolabe to find the altitude of the sun and stars.