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Christopher Columbus was a very important explorer during the renaissance

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Q: What explorers were important during the Renaissance?
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What was happening with explorers during the renaissance?

there was a big war

Is it true the explorers sailed to the new world during the renaissance?


What ability became important during the Renaissance?

Individual ability became important during the renaissance.

Who were some of the important explores of the Renaissance?

Christopher Columbus was an important explorer during the Renaissance.

Why was the Renaissance important for exploration?

The Renaissance fostered a spirit of curiosity and discovery, which fueled exploration by inspiring individuals to seek out new lands and cultures. Advancements in science, technology, and navigation during the Renaissance also enabled explorers to travel greater distances and make important discoveries. Additionally, the increased wealth and power of European nations during this time provided the resources and motivation to support exploration efforts.

Did the explorers effect the renaissance?


An important invention during the renaissance?

The Printing Press

Was Michelangelo's time during the Renaissance?

Yes, that is right. He was one of the most important High Renaissance artists.

What are important event during the renaissance of the duchy of milan?


How did bankers play an important role during the renaissance?

they didnt

Was florence an important mediterranean port city during the Renaissance?


What were the three main french explorers?

There were many explorers during the period of the Renaissance. Three well-known explorers are Ferdinand Magellan, Samuel de Champlain and Christopher Columbus.