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Q: What food was brought to Europe through the Columbian exchange?
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What was a positive change brought about by the Columbian exchange?

New food sources for Europe.

How did columbian exchange affect the Americas and Europe?

One result of this exchange was the transfer of germs and viruses that brought diseases from europe to asia

What animal came to Europe through the Columbian exchange?

Maize, tomatoes, and potatoes came to Europe through the Columbian Exchange.

Which food came to Europe though the Columbian exchange?

Llamas, Guinea Pigs and turkeys were all animals that North America traded with Europe.Turkeys came to Europe through the Columbian Exchange.

Who won the Columbian exchange?


What geographic area benefited the most from the Columbian exchange?

Europe benefited the most from the Columbian Exchange due to the influx of new crops such as corn and potatoes, which boosted population growth and improved nutrition. The exchange also brought valuable resources like silver and gold from the Americas to Europe, contributing to economic prosperity.

Where did woolen Navajo blankets first come from?

In the Columbian Exchange, woolen Navajo blankets were brought to the Americas from Europe, Asia, and Africa.

What voyages of christopher Columbus led to contact and an exchange between Europe Asia Africa and the Americas called?

the columbian exchange

What is one way the Columbian exchange helped people?

the Columbia exchange brought American plants and animals to Europe including chili peppers,tomatoes,corn,pineapples,and turkeys.

What are two examples of impact did the Americas have on Europe during the Columbian Exchange?

Europeans brought germs to America , and they also brought over diseases like smallpox chickenpox and measles

Where did grapes come from in the columbian exchange?

It came from Europe

What product from the columbian exchange revolutionized Europe?