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Nothing. The world is still here, the Age did not end and Jesus did not return.

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It's 6:00 pm on May.21 Saturday 2011!

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Q: What happened on May 21 2011 Judgment Day?
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Will judgment day come true?

Undoubtedly it WILL. But not in May of 2011.

Is Judgment day 21 May 2011?

If it was we missed it! Despite what false prophets want people to think, no one will ever know.

Is the day of jugdement on 21st may 2011?

Normally there is no accurate date for Judgment Day, but the Day of the Lord is upon us at this very moment. Right now you and I are living in the end times. May 21st, 2011 is the Day of Judgment, revealed by biblical revelation.

How to calculate May 21 2011 as judgment day?

Just read the bible!

What happened on many first?

It was may day. In 2011, it was holocaust remembrance day.

What happened May 21 2011 Judgment Day?

Nothing. The end of the World ( end of the Age did not happen) Jesus did not return. It was a normal day. Note: The Bible specifically states that no one know the day or the hour, not even Jesus or the Angels in Heaven but God the Father alone. We can tell the season but nothing more.

What day is judgment day on?

apparently may 21, 2011. but the only problem is, some guy is making it up and advertising it all over the world to try and make money.

May 21 last judgment day?


Why do some people believe that judgment day is on May 21st 2011?

They read Bible prophecies and think there is enough information there to find out the exact timing.

What happened on May 21st 2011?

nothing it was the day before the last pirates of the caribean movie aired though

What are the release dates for American Chopper The Series - 2003 judgment Day 8-3?

American Chopper The Series - 2003 Judgement Day 8-3 was released on: USA: 9 May 2011

Will judgment day on may twenty first happen?