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Probably, the Gestapo would first torture you to gain information, then would either kill you, or send you to a concentration camp.

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Q: What happened when they got caught in the resistance movement in world war 2?
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When did Albanian Resistance of World War II happen?

Albanian Resistance of World War II happened in 1939.

Countries with resistance groups in World War 2?

All Axis occupied countries had a resistance movement

What happened to the danish resistance in world war 2?

they died

When did the Italian Resistance Movement start?

it started in September in world war 2

What happened to the German refugees in world war 2?

They fled from our troops but we eventually caught them.

Resistance movement in Luxembourg in World War 2?

When German forces invaded Luxembourg during World War II and forced citizens into armed services, a resistance movement was created. A few citizens in the north decided to stop going to work and the movement spread across the country. The movement was quickly quelled when the Germans used violent means to end it.

What was the Vietnamese resistance movement that fought against japan in World War 2?

The Viet Minh .

Who was the Yugoslav resistance leader during World War 2?

The only serious resistance movement in Yugoslavia was headed by Josef Broz, who is better known by his nickname, Tito.

The French Resistance movement against Germany in World War 2 was led by?

General Charles de gallue

What did the Nazis do about resistance groups in World War 2?

The resistance groups used sabotage, strikes, demonstrations and assassination to try and over ride the nazis. If caught doing this they were harshly treated by the nazis.

What happened to spies caught in World War 1?

During World War 1, there were hundreds of German spies who were caught in the United Kingdom. They were all killed upon captivity.

Which nation had a secret organization called the Resistance?

During World War 2, virtually every occupied country had a significant resistance movement. However, the best known one was the French Resistance, also known as 'La Resistance Francaise.'